Frames of Language and Semiotics – works by Michael Kress

“DISYOURSELF” – Artist conversations on cultural Identity, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA/USA, 2018, AV-installation. With: Catalina Arnett, Brian Hall, Emmie Harvard, Allison James, Jade Long, Cassidy Mims, Ashley Mueller, Sarah Northrop, Arianna Pacifico, Melanie Quinton, Amelia Rempe, Ellen Roberts, Parawita Thongyoung, Jazmine Wilkerson


Michael Kress, is a conceptual artist, born in 1964, in Munich, Germany, living in Hamburg. The focus of his work is semiotics and language as a normative moment in the construction of a media-identity.

Since 2004 Kress has been examining spatial imagination in various movies of the 1960’s. Coming from a background of conceptual art, he uses different media, like video, drawing, writing, sound, and photography in his examinations.


„figurar-se (The Members of the Aqaba Beach Club) from “With Lawrence and Lennon and The Four Musketeers through the desert to the movies,"
„figurar-se (The Members of the Aqaba Beach Club) from “With Lawrence and Lennon and The Four Musketeers through the desert to the movies,”

His most recent project is about a region in southern Spain, that was the site of Europe’s worst nuclear accident. In this project, Kress tries to show both the beauty of Andalusia and the danger hidden in the soil, which is a relic of the cold war. In 2012 Michael Kress has been invited to the Funasaka Biennale where he produced a conversation video performance with the curator Tatsuya Fuji based on a song by Tom Waits. 2014 Michael Kress showed his latest artist conversation project “Adore – Artists are Fans/Fans are Artists” in Yokohama/Japan at ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace.

In 2015 Michael initiated the network project  Hyper Cultural Passengers. This cooperation of artists, philosophers and other cultural activists questions the myth of the autonomous, and thereby self-sufficient, subject and proposes instead the figure of the hypercultural passenger.

Michael Kress studied Visual Communication and Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg with Prof. Kurd Alsleben, Prof. Stanley Brouwn, Prof. Gauillaume Bijl and Prof. B.J. Blume. Diploma and master student of Prof. B.J. Blume.


„Lobby Card Aqaba II“,2009, Digital Montage, Inkprint on Barytpapier, 60 x 40 cm


Since several years Kress is engaged in cultural politics. From 2012-2018 he had been a member of the executive committee of FRISE/Hamburg, one of the longest existing artist-studio-houses in Germany. Since 2012 he is part of the executive committee the Deutscher Künstlerbund (German Association of Artists). From 1996-2003 Michael Kress had been a member of the board of the International Association of Fine Arts (iaa/UNESCO).


Michael Kress is artist & curator of numerous exhibitions and Symposiums:

2018  Migration of Imagination / Chicago – Hamburg Artists Conversations
An Exchange with Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

2018  GATHERING ANGLES – Conference on Artistic explorations off the globalized main routes

2017 Linked Angles – Artist Conversations on Cultural Emancipation
with Anish Ahluwalia (India), Andrea Becker-Weimann (Ger) and Anke Mellin (Ger)

2016 THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME – Measuring hyperlinks on passages to similarities
Jaime Ibanez (Groningen/NL), Klaske Oenema (Groningen/NL), Tim Schwartz (Los Angeles/USA), Reham Sharbaji (Amman/Jordan)

Platform for artists and thinkers/ international exchange

2015  A Story Behind a Story Behind a Story
Ella Spector (Tel Aviv) and Belit Sağ (Istanbul) with students of Gymnasiums Blankenese

2014  DE_SCRIPT_ION – Artist Conversations on Hanne Darboven
with Liang Yue (Shanghai), Katja Lell (Zürich), Yin Yi (Shanghai) and Carsten Berger (Hamburg) FRISE Hamburg

2013  Querung des Gleichers/ artists journeys in the 21th century / FRISE Hamburg

2009 The Artist Feeling – artistic networks” in cooperation IGBK / IAA UNESCO
and Künstlerhaus Hamburg

2001 Artist’s Voice – The own / the alien, Symposium, Berlin Academy of Arts

1999 Artainment” symposium, Sprengel Museum Hannover.


Michael Kress Funasaka 2012, 1080p Video. Video Still showing the artist holding a night watch for the curator.
Michael Kress/“The Fields Are Soft And Green (The Innocence of the Artist)”, Nishinomiya-Funasaka Biennale 2012, Japan, 2012, 1080p Video. Video Still showing the artist holding a night watch for the curator.

Exhibitions and presentations since 1991 / several:

2018  DISYOURSELF, Core Project Space, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, USA

2017  YOU ARE Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin, (Speech)

2017 GREEN BANK ART FESTIVAL SHANGHAI, Museum of Modern Art Shanghai (Speech)

2015 GWANGJU DESIGN BIENNALE, Gwangju Design Center (Speech)

Yokohama Triennale 2014, Zounohana Terrace, Yokohama, Japan

2012 “The Fields Are Soft And Green (The Innocence of the Artist)”, Nishinomiya-Funasaka Biennale 2012, Japan

2010 „Art and conversation“ ZKM /center for art and media, Karlsruhe

2009 “Yo Aqaba – With Lawrence and Lennon and The Four Musketeers through the desert to the movies,” Foundation Landdrostei, Pinneberg.

2009 “Artists Eat World Banks”, Kunstverein Loitz.

2004 “Sommerfrische”, Kunsthalle Hamburg.

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